Shantivan Garden

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Nestled in Malabar Hill, Shantivan Garden is a space that is offered for various community activities that nurture human values of compassion and generosity. Among the lush foliage, are housed a meditation space, a yoga shed as well as an Amphitheatre.

From a monthly Seva Cafe to a Yoga sessions and community gatherings, the Shantivan Garden is constantly welcoming its visitors from across the city.

Here are some pictures from a recent Seva Cafe gathering. You can also read more about it here. For more details, you can send an email here.

Or Watch this video!

Directions: Once in Napean Sea Road – take the lane for Hyderabad Estate, then come towards Shimla House. Shantivan Garden is right opposite Godrej Baug, that is at the end of the winding road uphill.
Closest Station: Grant Road.

4 Responses to Shantivan Garden

  1. Jayati Grover says:


    I am interning in Bombay and would love to visit this place and know more. When is the next Seva Cafe gathering happening? Also, can I visit Apun ka Club this Saturday?

    Please let me know the details either here, or on my mail ID. Many thanks and regards,

  2. Nilofer says:

    I’d like to know if secs cafe is still on, an when in the month does it meet.

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