Cube of Gratitude


A shift from ‘What We Want’ to ‘What We Have’!


In a world abundant with material resources, we find ourselves surrounded by a narrative built on scarcity. We see ourselves constantly seeking things from the outside world.

However, we all possess something that we can offer to society as a gift. The shift is essentially a change in the way we see things – in looking for the good that is constantly around us. When it becomes a regular practice, we see the beauty within us. Gradually, we experience a sense of Abundance which leads to Joy in our lives.

To facilitate this practice in our community we began the Cube of Gratitude. With 50 children from diverse backgrounds – from the slums of Shimla Nagar to elite schools of Mumbai we hope to practice small acts of Gratitude for three months. These acts will then be shared through the installation at the festival with visitors.

boyApart from small acts like listing out what they are grateful for, the children have been identifying ‘Everyday Neighbourhood Heroes‘ in their community. By noticing their small, invisible acts of service and kindness, the children begin to experience gratefulness for what they have. They realize that they possess so many gifts and resources. They then see that our life does not have anything lacking move towards happiness and joy.

To read some of the stories of ‘Everyday Neighbourhood Heroes’, click here.

You can also visit us at the Kala Ghoda Festival from February 2nd to February 10th 2013.

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